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Welcome to StargateCRM. 

Many users have found that SalesForce was easier to buy than implement, and this is when our team StargateCRM comes in to help. It’s a powerful CRM solution, and you’ve made the right move by becoming a subscriber! Our team will help you maximize the many strengths and tools within the SalesForce instance you’ve bought. We bring proven “street-cred” to the Force.com Training and Consulting marketplace. With multiple CRM implementations under our belts, we’ve got the street-proven experience to get you the right answers fast, so you can get back to the business selling. We offer more than just the options; we offer opinions based on real-world experience. We will not just tell you what is possible, but also what we recommend, and what in fact works.

Simply being Force.com certified isn’t enough. There are many consultants out there that know their way around SalesForce. Knowing how to “turn this on” or “activate that” is one thing, but our team is exceptional because we understand why sales pipeline management is important; we know what reports sales management requires today; we speak the “one n’ done” language of a call center service manager. Our knowledge will bridge the gap and move SalesForce.com from simply an expensive online rolodex to a world class sales weapon for you.

Here at StargateCRM, we’ve used SalesForce to gain competitive advantage in our businesses, and we will bring that competitive advantage to you. At StargateCRM we speak business… we speak process.

Whether you are part of a sales team or are an individual looking for help, we have customized plans to meet your budget and needs.  My name is Blake Reeves, and as the Director of Cloud Services here at StargeteCRM, I look forward to speaking with you about how we can help your SalesForce.com instance begin returning real value to you and your team.

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